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Most Successful High School Rowing Coach in the World: Every Year since 2003.

The ERG Score is the SAT of rowing


Posey, Brown University

“In four and a half months, I dropped my 2k by 32 seconds and got recruited to Brown!”

Eliza and Emily, Princeton/Harvard

national team, world championship medals. “Without Xeno’s expertise we would not be in the position we are today!”

Mallory, University of Wisconsin Madison

“You can’t go wrong with Xeno’s program. He cares about the people he coaches. I hit the jackpot. I dropped my 2k by 15 seconds!”

Iain, Cornell

“My junior year in high school, I began to hit a wall, my goal to get recruited to a selective university seemed unreachable, that is when I started training with Xeno. I achieved my PR of 6:15/2K. I am fortunate to be one of Xeno’s athletes.”


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Xeno Müller

Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist

Xeno Muller is the most successful high school rowing coach. He has enabled countless high school rowers to win national championships, gain access to the junior national team, and getting recruited to top collegiate rowing programs.

After winning the junior world championship in indoor rowing and setting a world record, he was recruited to Brown University and stayed undefeated during his collegiate rowing career. At the Olympics he won gold and silver.
Elite Rowing Coach Steve Gladstone, recruited me to Brown, the most successful collegiate rowing coach. Currently Head Coach at Yale University.
Winning the Olympic gold medal and setting a new Olympic record. Elite coaching helped me beat taller and lighter competitors.
Undefeated career as a Brown University Oarsman #4 seat, here winning the Henley Royal Regatta.
All IVY League Crew diploma.


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