A bad erg score, I can stop your nightmare.

A bad erg score can ruin your day and your recruiting.

1. You hate the anticipation of a 2K

I can’t blame you.  Your last 2K brought you to your knees and you may have not gotten a new personal best.  Now you are expected to do better, without feeling better…  The anticipation of 2K can keep you awake at night.  I understand, but it really does not have to be that way.  The right training plan can help you build for a new personal best, physically and mentally.  My coaches made me a specialist in this!

2. You are only as good as your last erg score

That is true, but don’t despair.  There are reasons that you did what you did last time you tore it up on the erg.  Simply put, if you expect a 100% of yourself when you step up to the plate for a 2K, you need to make sure that you took care of the details 100%.   The right taper is important, recovering from illness is often cut short, working out too hard ahead of a 2K is also a chronic problem.  To make sure that your 2Ks keep going faster, you can not make mistakes, you need an elite coach to help you.

3. You are told it is all in your head because you couldn’t have worked any harder

Come on, you show up every single day to practice.  You stick it out, in bad weather, and you row until you are told to stop.  DO NOT BELIEVE that improving your erg score hinges only because of your “mental toughness”.  In my book when the above is true, you have all the makings of having the right stuff in the brain to keep improving your 2Ks.  I believe in you.

4. Glory if you are one second faster, disgusted when you three seconds of your PR.

I know how that feels.  I have been there myself.  If you improve by a small amount you can go to sleep happily that night.  But, oh boy, if you missed the mark by one second, or three, your world collapses and you wonder how that is possible.  This stuff happens to athletes who were not prepared correctly.  The right mental and physical preparation will make all the difference.  Understanding your body, will keep you level headed and capable to digest and reason with yourself, no matter what result you get.

5. Don’t freak out, I can help.

I have been around the block as an athlete.  Now I keep going around the block as coach with many athletes worldwide.  I am an expert in building strong minds and bodies.  I take one person at a time and I invest a 100%.  I believe in you.  I know I can help you.  You will succeed, because I succeeded through smart training and elite coaching.  You deserve elite coaching because you want to succeed! Get in touch with me.  Email me or call me: 949-400-7630 Xeno


You have choices on how I can help you.  Get personal attention with my Performer Coaching Package with full technical analysis and communication or grab the Erg-Test-Prep Digital course.  Both can be found in our coaching store!  Let’s make you feel better about testing.