A Testimonial from Henry G., California, about Elite Coaching

Hello Parents,
I have tried several times to do a video testimonial – but I guess unlike Xeno – I am not a great on-camera speaker.
My name is Henry and I want to tell you that over the past 8+ years –  Xeno MULLER has helped both my son’s achieve their target 2K Erg scores.
In the case of my older son…Xeno helped him drop correct technique flaws with a resulting drop his 2K time by over 10 seconds. This improvement happened in the few  weeks during one of his spring breaks. We have the video of the result.
In the case of my younger son -who just graduated high school – I’m not at liberty  to tell you his exact level of gains over his time with Xeno, however , I can tell you that we are all  VERY VERY HAPPY with the results.
As a parent WITHOUT unlimited funds what can we really do to help our children achieve their goals…actually very little.
They must do the work .
They must have the desire…
They must succesfully perform in ongoing seat races and look forward to the countless hours  on the ERG that both build their stamina and help form their character.
They must completely  attack each grueling practice with sometimes less than the ideal amount of sleep because carrying a full load of AP CLASSES has its own special challenges.
They must give their all in each race  till they are past the finish line regardless of where they have placed.
Finally-  all that effort needs to be blessed as the time is short and the competition gets better every year.
So – one off the few things we CAN DO is try to get them the best training.
In the case of achieving milestone  Erg score improvements-  we looked to Xeno who had already achieved his ELITE dream of Olympic Gold and was both willing to help and does it with a POSITIVE motivating style.
I can’t tell you what will work for your kids…but I can tell you what worked for my mine.
Hope to see you this summer.
P.S. If you have addittional.questions Xeno can forward you my cell #