Are you not happy with your current erg score?

I have bad news for you. Most club high school rowers lose even more erg speed in spring. This is a huge problem for rowers who seek to get recruited to college. Among many reasons, there is one that stands out: Club coaches care more about rowing on the water. Your erg score is not a priority to them.

Have a look at this presentation that shows the inefficient cyclical erg trend for high school rowers during spring: Don’t Let It Happen To You

I was extremely lucky to have Elite Rowing Coaches as my mentors. Physically, I was never the biggest or the strongest, but I was always the best prepared. As a junior, I won the World Indoor Rowing Championship. Thanks to their help, I was the top rowing recruit my freshman year at Brown University. We stayed undefeated. Later I won Olympic gold and silver in the men’s single scull. You can watch my Elite Coaching Family Tree here. The rowers I coach become part of this family tree as well.

Getting recruited is a life changing experience. You owe it to yourself to further investigate what Elite Coaching can do for you.

I will leave you with these few tips: 5 Mistakes to absolutely avoid as a high school rower.