College Recruiting: 3 Things High School Juniors Have To Know

  • #1 Time is no longer your friend. You have but a few critical months. The goals of your rowing club conflict with your personal goals. Your rowing club is designed to win races on the water this spring. Getting the best erg score to submit to college rowing coaches will change the course of your life and mere seconds are extremely critical. If you focus on winning rowing races for you club YOU WILL significantly reduce the improvements on the erg. This is not to say you will not experience Personal Bests – it is saying your personal bests would have been greater and your improvement trajectory would have been steeper. So, the 2k score you submit to college will be dramatically better if you focus your training and coaching on the erg.

    #2 If you train the same as everyone else – you are not going to significantly get better than the rest of the field. There are fundamental differences in training and key nuances in technique which enable winning speed on the erg and in the water.

    #3 You have the opportunity to drop 10 seconds in your 2k erg score in the next 30 days – guaranteed AND significantly improve your 2k erg score for submission to college rowing coaches. I have coached the #1 Champion at the Indoor World Rowing Championships the last two out of three years. 4 of the 40 juniors invited to the United States Junior Selection Camp were my students.

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