Do you have a dream of rowing in college?

Do you think that you have to be the tallest, or strongest to get the 2k score to realize your dream? Are you relying upon your local rowing coach to get you there?

Most high school rowers mistakenly think that obtaining the 2k erg time which their coach says that they need, will enable them to realize their goal. It is not. Most high school coaches do not know the real 2k score you need to get recruited to the college of your dreams. They certainly don’t know the 2k score you need to put you in a position to row on that college’s A boat – the one which represents the college at regattas. If you are not on the A boat, you may get to row at most practices, but most likely will never attend another regatta.

Did your coach row in the A boat at a Top 5 college? Have they won national and Olympic titles and gold medals? If not, they don’t know what it takes to get you there. They don’t know the preparations which you need to be doing now, to obtain that goal.

Top athletes in all sports bring in proven consultants to help them outperform the competition. Tiger Woods does it. Tom Brady does it. CEOs at the world’s top companies do it. Why? Because there are critical insights these consultants bring that enable athletes and Captains of Industry to be more successful.

If you think that you aren’t tall enough, or strong enough, you are wrong. If you are applying yourself at practice now you can do the necessary work to realize your dream. Your coach simply isn’t having you do the right work, because they don’t know what that is.

I’ve trained lightweights to realize a 2k erg time that puts them in the World’s Top 5, making them the top of their recruiting class and recruitable to other heavyweight rowing programs.

I can coach you to build the technical, physical and mental skills you need to realize your dreams, as I realized mine and help my students every year realize theirs.