Don’t Let Your Rowing Dreams Get Stuck in the Mud

There is a reason that the five top college rowing teams continue to win year after year, for over 100 years. Elite coaching is the difference between a gold medal and an unrewarded effort. The disappointment is heart breaking.

What is even more heart breaking is not getting into the college of your dreams. Most high school rowers who aspire to row at a great college are making the effort at practice to win gold medals and be top recruits. They are committed and working hard. The problem is that they are not learning to rowing correctly and are forming bad habits, which dramatically reduces their potential 2k time.

Learning a skill, like rowing, is similar to driving a car around the oval of a muddy racing track. Let’s say the first line you drive around the track is highly inefficient, but you keep following that same line lap after lap. As the track begins to dry and harden, you now find yourself racing in the ruts and because it is not an efficient line your times are slow and you don’t win races. Then, if you try to make changes it is very difficult to get out of the rut and you quickly fall back into the rut. Rowing is like this.

High school rowers are taught all over the country by coaches who don’t have elite experience, or an elite coaching tree. They are energetic, well-meaning and inspire confidence, but they do not produce Top 10 rowing recruits every year, or for many – they never have produced a Top 10 rowing recruit. So, they are teaching their students to row like the driver who made that inefficient line around the track. The problem is the longer you wait to learn the correct way to row, which will maximize your potential, the harder those ruts become and it is difficult to maintain elite form when you become tired in the race for gold, or the 2k time to be recruited to the college of your dreams.

The sooner you start to row with the secrets of Elite Coaching, the faster you will become. You will not have to waste time relearning, or breaking the bad habits where you revert into the ruts of a slow and inefficient stroke.

The window to realize your dreams in rowing is shorter than almost any other sport. You can follow the herd of hard working high school rowers who wind up with average 2k times, broken dreams and the unfulfilled promises from an egotistical high school rowing coach, or you can start to maximize your potential with Elite Coaching and proven results.