Dynamic Rowing Machines an advantage for on the water performance.

Rowers have the choice between static and dynamic rowing machines when it is not possible to train in a boat on the water. It is however the dynamic machines that give rowers a competitive advantage. There are different brands of dynamic rowing machines:

RP3, Concept2 Dynamic, Concept2 D on Slides, Water Rower Slider, SimulatOar, and Biorower.

Most rowers at home own either a Concept2 Model D or an RP3. When the RP3 is used I have an additional pallet of ways to explain the rowing stroke through different exercises that can only be done on a dynamic rowing setup. It is therefore advantageous to add a set of SLIDERS to a static Concept2 Model D which transforms it into a dynamic rowing machine set up.

As an Olympic athlete I was heavily coached on the erg to refine my technique and power application.

Thanks to my Elite Coaches, I won the Indoor Rowing World Championship and was recruited to Brown University. We stayed undefeated at Brown and I went on to winning Olympic Gold and Silver in the men’s single scull.

Elite Coaching and the right rowing machine enables rowers achieve their dreams.

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