Elite Coaching a Competitive Advantage.

The vast majority of parents are new to the dynamics of the rowing community.  Sadly, most are given a lot of misinformation relating to being recruited by a college for rowing, leveraging rowing to get into a better college, the skill level needed to row on a college rowing team, scholarship availability at colleges, training, technique and the list goes on.


My name is Xeno Muller and I am the most successful high school rowing coach in the world.  Not only was I recruited to Brown University, where I rowed undefeated two years in the men’s heavyweight boat and won national championships, I also earned a gold and silver medal at the Olympics.

However, that is not why I am the most successful high school rowing coach in the world.  I was not the biggest, or strongest in my competitive career – I was the best coached.  Today, I pass down the secrets of rowing speed to my high school students and every year they win national championships and are recruited to the nation’s top colleges.  That is why I am the most successful high school rowing coach in the world.

Xeno Müller Elite Coaching Family Tree

The parents of my students use consultants and experts in their everyday lives.  They understand the critical value and competitive edge that it brings.  Rowing is no different.

Every year there are promising high school rowers and their coaches promising them the college of their dreams.  However, those coaches do not have a history of coaching students to be top rowers on the erg, or on-the-water.  They want to believe they can.  They are passionate about rowing.  They just don’t have the elite coaching experience, and therefore don’t have an understanding of the technique, training and psychology necessary to be a top performing high school rower and a top national recruit.

This is why all of those rowers end up in the middle of their recruiting class, with their window closed and their dreams dashed.

It is not that the high school rowers did not put in the necessary effort. It is that they did not have a competitive advantage from Elite Coaching.

Most parents would agree that they would want their children to learn that if you commit yourself to a goal and work hard, that you will be rewarded.  This is why average high school coaches fail their students.  They end up creating a life experience where they yell, order and demand effort from their students, with the promise of achieving their dream college.  The student put themselves into the effort full force. But, come up short.

2 Slides that explain the need and success of Elite Coaching

Is this the lesson you want your child to learn? That even if they put in maximum effort, they will never achieve their dreams? Wouldn’t this experience in fact deter them from fully committing themselves to a goal in the future.  Of course it would.

Every year the college recruiting class is highly competitive.  The window to establish the best technique and build the power for speed is very short.  It is not like gymnastics, where kids start training six days per week at five years old.

The window of opportunity is between one and three years in rowing.  The larger the window, the greater chance your child has to realize their dreams.

I am grateful everyday that I had the opportunity to receive Elite Coaching, which changed the course of my life – enabling me to attend Brown University, win two National Championships in the 8, and earn a gold and silver Olympic medal. And today, it has enabled me to pass down the secrets of Elite Coaching to my students all over the world.

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