Elite Coaching Communication and Dynamic Learning

Here is a short blog entry about Elite Coaching Communication.

Rowing in college was my dream. I fulfilled my dream thanks to the amazing coaching I received when I was a high school rower. As luck had it, I had an Elite Rowing Coach at my club in France, and another in Switzerland. Both understood what it took physically, technically, and mentally, to bring me to the top.

Today, I teach my students what I learned from my Elite Coaches and how I put it into practice as a competitor. If you click on this link you will learn about my Elite Coaching Family Tree: LINK

The rowers and parents I work with, know that they can get a hold of me anytime they need, by phone, text, Facetime, Skype, and email, to discuss and ask questions. My lines of communication are always open and I am always ready to review rowing footage.

In addition, I routinely share coaching tips with my entire group as I finish my day’s work. This creates a dynamic learning process for both me and all the rowers I oversee.

Information technology has empowered me to help rowers worldwide get faster and achieve their dream by sharing elite rowing workout schedules, frame by frame technical analysis and Real Time Coaching. Here is my list of coaching packages which include Real Time Coaching, LINK.

Getting recruited to college is a life changing experience. Let’s make it happen.

If you want to learn more how I can help, just call: 949-400-7630.


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