Elite Summer Rowing Camp vXM

As a rower have you experience these frustrating situations?

  • Not improving your 2K, simply stagnating and not knowing what to do how to get a new personal best.
  • Not being able to make the first boat.
  • Getting beaten in seat racing by rowers with inferior erg scores.
Don’t worry anymore, we have a solution!


  • I am an elite rowing coach, as a competitor I won Olympic gold and silver.  I was recruited to Brown University and stayed undefeated.  I broke the indoor rowing world record for 2500 meters in my age division.
  • Thanks to my incredible elite coaching family tree, you will enjoy my elite coaching.
  • Our digital camp runs from June through the end of August.
We help you:

  • Increase endurance
  • Improve your 2K performance
  • Make the first boat
  • Winning seat races


We look forward to meeting you online and our dialogue will grow organically.  We will have a great time making you faster and getting you to enjoy rowing 200% more.  See you soon!

Elite Rowing Coach Family Tree: