Kiwi Pair destroying it.  Look at the clues!

1. What erg?

Who cares whether you pull a better scores on a dynamic erg, right?

Why are those two not rowing on a static machine?

2. Lactate tester?

The testers are sitting on the table, have you spotted them?

They are blue and the size of a credit card.

We use them all the time and here is a presentation I did on them, CLICK HERE.

3. Massage Table?

When you train A LOT you MUST take care of your body.

Do you see the massage table in the background?

Taking care of your body requires the same discipline as drinking water BEFORE you are thirsty. Scheduling regular massage therapies is a preventative measure to getting sore it enables athletes to train harder and recover faster.

4. So much gold and one technical vision, right?

This picture represents a split second glimpse of two incredibly successful men of rowing at work.  Both men are in the middle of the drive.  If separated, would both men mimic the stroke the same way?  I am CERTAIN that word for word they would describe it ABSOLUTELY IDENTICALLY.

Escape rowing darkness; get my ELITE coaching and experience rowing at a higher level. I look forward to working with you.