Finding the groove while you row by watching interesting content feels great, here are a three tips

No matter how old you are. Spending time rowing is good for you. When you find the groove, or a state of trance, rowing at the gym or at home is good for your body and certainly your mind as well. Here are three tips.

1. Use YouTube and row to this footage for example: You will find the railroad tracks in the middle of the screen as you voyage along a three and a half hour scenic ride through Montenegro. As you row, the tracks flow with your linear stroke. I broke the row up into 7 different workouts of 30 minutes each. Time flew by, it was awesome.

2. I love rowing my Xeno Signature Waterrower, it makes very little noise, because the resistance is created through water circulating in a drum. I can row in my living room with my family present while watching TV at regular volume. A couple weeks ago, I came across MasterClass, a highly interesting set of courses taught by specialists in their fields. Have a look through the courses and you will find people who will draw you into their field of expertise while you row and time will fly by.

3. You can also row with me directly. Anyone can join my indoor rowing workouts, which I filmed while I ran my group classes. We always start out with a technical warm up during which I remind everyone how to row safely and what to focus on technically. After a fun filled 45 minute row, you will have a sweaty shirt and a smile from one ear to the other. There are two ways to get the workouts: Owners of a Xeno Signature Waterrower get complimentary access to the online workout library. You can row any type of machine as well and get access to the workout library HERE.

Finding the groove while rowing is awesome, I hope you will enjoy one if not all my tips useful.


Elite Rowing Coach, Undefeated Brown University ‘95, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, Married, Father of Four. 🙂