Gaming the Erg Split

Most high school rowers focus too much on their 500 meter split time and too little on learning the most efficient technique. Maximizing your erg splits with poor technique during low rate and less intensity than race pace pieces, or at race pace, but shorter pieces only reinforces inefficient muscle memory. It makes your race pace 2k slower.

Training is not about the best split. It is about improving your splits with the best technique. It is about building the muscle memory you need, especially when you’re tired in the third 500, to be the fastest you can be for your 2k.

My students learn the most efficient technique, which maximizes their speed. They learn the best race plan to achieve their goals. They learn the mental skills to enable them to achieve elite performance. Their training program helps them build the speed and endurance to be the best in the world and realize their dreams.

If you game the erg, the only person who loses is you. Learn to maximize your potential with Elite Coaching.

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