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Thanks to elite coaches and others: 

This gold medal would not have been possible without the great support I received from family and coaches.  I may be the only person sitting in the boat, yet there is a number of people who were catalysts for this achievement.

  • Elite Coaches:  Harry Mahon – NZ; Marty Aitken – AUS, Scott Roop – USA (Brown), Steve Gladstone – USA (Harvard-Cal-Brown-Yale),
  • Family: My mom Edith and my dad Peter who is the recipient of the kiss I blew to the sky once I crossed the finish line; my sister Alexia who put up with a lot of rowing talk, my grandparents Opa and Omi.
  • Sponsors: Red Bull, Swiss Sports Help, IBM.
  • Rowing Federation: Daniel Homberger
  • Physio Therapist: Frans Rompen CH, John Balletto RI, and Mark Dixon CA.

Final 500M split time, 1:36.56, is the fastest split time ever clocked in the single scull in the final 500 of a world championships or Olympic Games.

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