Here is why I love my Signature Waterrower:

Here is what I love about the Xeno Müller Signature Waterrower:

1. Comfortable seat, yes, rowing seats can be comfortable.

2. A handle that is ergonomically designed and wider for better rowing variety.

3. The water rower is perfect for exercises that are different from the standard rowing stroke.

4. I love the sound the water makes when you row.

5. Made out of wood and looks lovely inside a house.

6. It is quiet so that you can row in the living room while the rest of the family watches TV.

7. Fun for kids as they observe the mechanism and how the paddle stirs the water.

8. The Waterrower can easily be stowed away upright and squeezed into a tight space because of its low horizontal profile.

9. I love the smooth belt-drive system.  When I row the Waterrower it feels as smooth as rowing a boat.

10. I love building an international rowing community, by becoming a Xeno Müller Signature Waterrower you get one complimentary frame by frame stroke analysis!

Find all the information HERE 🙂