Improving your erg score through circuit training.

Need a better erg score? Think outside of the box, step on it!

1. Training the body different ways.

When I work with rowers through my ELITE COACHING program, I make sure that the mind keeps firing on all pistons.  It is key to not just use the rowing machine or the boat to become better at rowing, because only rowing can lead to mental burnout.  The body needs to be trained all around. This type of training is called X-training.  X-training in winter becomes quite limited due to outside temperatures.  However, strength endurance circuit training is an excellent form of indoor X-training.

2. Circuit training, great cross-training for better rowing performance.

Through slow motion video analysis of my rowers’ rowing strokes, I carefully identify their weakest muscles and technical deficiencies.  I then carefully build a weight/bodyweight circuit for them.  As my rowers do the circuit, I analyze  their execution through footage that they recorded and sent to me via email.   Proper execution leads to more power in rowing.  The right exercises can prevent major back injuries.

3. Preventing back injuries through tailored circuit training.

As a coach, when I first meet with rowers in person or digitally, I am presented with a chronic problem of underdeveloped muscles such as the gluts, hamstrings, and lats.  On the other hand, quads are, in comparison, overdeveloped creating strain on the knees, hip flexors are tight from overuse which leads to tight lower backs and overall bad body posture.  Over time, such muscular imbalances can lead to major back and knee injuries which could have been totally prevented.

4. An injury free rowing career with constantly improving erg scores.

For teenagers and rowers in their twenties, staying injury free with constantly improving erg scores is a reality.  Unfortunately too many get the wrong technical and conditioning advice.  My elite coaching is the solution.  Elite coaches pass their knowledge down to the rowers they coach.  I had some of the most amazing and successful coaches a rower could have ever dreamed of.  My coaches trained crews that won gold medals at the Olympics and stayed undefeated for years in DIVISION ONE collegiate rowing.   I perfected what I was taught.  I want it to be your turn.