Injury is every parent’s worst nightmare… Let’s talk about strength training

I get it. Your teenage rower wants to be stronger and mightier by the minute. I have to confess, I too wanted it the same way when I was a junior rower.

Without question, there are great positives in getting a muscularly stronger body. Building muscle and developing a good muscular balance through strength training and cross training is a great way to stay injury free.


more can be done wrong in the weight room than you can imagine.

Simply put, you can get easily hurt, if the proper technique is not applied. An injury is catastrophic for athletes who want to get recruited to college because of how narrow the window of opportunity is.

There is a core list of strength exercises that can be highly beneficial to young rowers, if they are performed properly.

If done wrong, with the wrong understanding of how these exercises apply in rowing, exercises such as deadlifts, squats, bench rows, can lead to severe injuries and counterproductive results on the water and the erg.

With Elite Coaching, you don’t need to worry about such risks. I look carefully at how strength training is performed which leads to superior rowing results on the water and on the erg.