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A lot of high school rowers love their coach, but they don’t see their 2K improve at a rate that will get them recruited to college. Alternatively, a lot of high school rowers fear their coach and still don’t see their 2K improve fast enough.

Whether the allegiance is through love or fear the result is still the same. This is when I use the term “ELITE TUTOR” to describe what I do. For club rowers, my goal is not to replace their coach. As an Elite Tutor, I help rowers understand the effect of their club workouts and how to maximize their time alleocated to training. By sharing erg and rowing footage, I empower high school rowers to self coach themselves and see their splits and power increase more rapidly than the rest of the club rowers.

Watch my presentation on: Drastically improve your 2K. Browse through our Elite Coaching packages.

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