Muscularly strong but the 2K is not recruitable, a common problem that can be fixed


Just last night, I was talking to a parent of a high school rower. Through the conversation I learned that their son is extremely strong for his body weight. My mind was blow, when I learned that he can deadlift more than twice his body weight for 8 repetitions at a time, but that the erg score was 40 seconds off from being recruitable for college.

This scenario is not uncommon with high school rowers. When I was a teenager, I was taught how to apply my body efficiently without wasting power from muscle groups that were not necessary. I was lucky to get Elite Coaching early on in my career. Thanks to such coaching I was able to excel in rowing and get recruited to Brown University.

Unlike in gymnastics when athletes start at a very young age, high school rowers have a tiny window of opportunity to get the needed speed on the erg to get recruited. In addition, the competition to getting recruited is stiff because of international recruits who are currently taking the top spots. It is therefore critical to get the right coaching information as soon as possible.

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