No one can take away your ERG SCORE

Most club coaches don’t care about ERG scores during on the water rowing season, because their primary goal is to row on the water.

Paradoxically, in moments of doubt, coaches regress to selecting the “fastest” boat through surprise 2Ks… which ends up making the boat slower.

This happens all over the United States, year after year.
Your seat in the boat is never guaranteed no matter how hard you work.

With ELITE COACHING, you will see your ERG Score improving during racing season. Elite Coaching helps you optimize your time spent at the club.

—> Never forget that the ERG SCORE is the SAT of ROWING. In the eyes of collegiate recruiting coaches, your absolute value is based of your erg score.

It is critical that you keep improving your erg score throughout spring and summer.

We have a special collegiate full summer ELITE PERFORMANCE CAMP. Let Elite Coaching weaponize your rowing cabapilities.