Rowing at Brown University and Olympic Gold.

Elite coaches help build athlete’s mental strength in victory and in loss. 

  • Learning from the best coaches about focus and humility.

I am very fortunate to have been taught by exceptional coaches how to row fast with minimal effort and how to carry myself as an athlete in victory as well as in loss.  Rowing is a sport which rewards you with first place only if you hit your absolute pain limit and at times it may not be enough.  In this blog post, my goal is to show you how an athlete’s focus and humility determines their future athletic results.

  • Racing for Brown University

Steve Gladstone and Scott Roop were our coaches at Brown University and they did an excellent job teaching us how to stay focused on our goals and remain humble.  They would remind us to keep a low profile at the boathouse and regatta course. Thanks to their doctrine I found a major source of motivation to win Olympic Gold.

  • Enjoy watching my talk about a pivotal moment in my life when quiet rage drove me to Olympic Gold because humility was absent.

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