Rowing, Music and Motivation

When I trained by myself, I loved listen to music:

1. Train with music it is good for the competitive brain
  • Above is a group who posted their rendition of a newer famous song.
  • This type of song is what I listened to when I rode my bike along the Pacific Coast as I trained for Olympic Games and world championships.
  • The high notes and chorus gave me chills and goose bumps and it also brew competitive aggression in me.
  • It is weird that such a beautiful song generated “an all or nothing attitude” in my body and soul.
2. When training as a team in winter, and indoors….
  • The winter months are upon us.  This means lots of training indoors.
  • I recommend having workouts when athletes can listen to their own tunes.
  • I believe that some melodies are more conductive to better rowing and although faster-hard hitting tunes can be motivating, these may not be conductive to further technique and smooth powerful accelerations.
3. Other tunes I enjoyed listening to:

Music is awesome, use it to train better.  I understand the mind of a competitor like you, join my Performer Program