ROWING STARTS: Finding experts in a different fields and drawing parallels is coaching GOLD!

I get excited, when I find experts in different fields and I can draw parallels to what it is like to compete at the highest level in rowing. You may have heard of MasterClass… Hold on to your coaching hat, what a treasure trove for coaching metaphors!

Below is the picture of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. As I was listening to him this morning, he described what it felt like when he first crossed the threshold of the NASA headquarters and was suddenly surrounded by legendary career astronauts. This scene threw me into total recall, when as a junior rower, I met my rowing idols for the first time on Lake Sarnen, Switzerland. The two worlds could not be more different, but the sensations were the same.

The main parallel (and there is many more) which motivated me to blog today, came when Chris described in detail the lead-up to his first launch on the Space Shuttle. I clung to every word and had total goose bumps, as I related physically and emotionally to his account, because EVERY SINGLE START I HAVE EVER TAKEN IN ROWING felt exactly like taking off in a spaceship, with one major difference, I took off horizontally and he vertically.

For me, as an Elite Rowing Coach, listening and relating to experts in different fields is Elite Coaching GOLD! I strive to be crystal clear with my technical explanations and help build motivation to train harder and find greater mental focus through powerful methphores… like ROCKETS taking you into space.

Click on him to get to his MasterClass

Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration