Spring Break Amplify IV17 Digital Rowing Camp

For high schoolers, who want to get recruited to college for rowing, it is an exciting time! Spring Break is the perfect opportunity for you to make some critical improvements in your rowing.

You must wonder why the same college and international teams dominate the podium year after year.
Do you ever wonder if there are technical secrets that the top teams have that make them faster? 
Do you think that you too could go faster, if you knew these secrets? 

I am here to tell you that you can succeed and change the course of your life this with Elite Coaching. Spring Break 2015 can be a personal break through for you and set you on a higher performance course; enabling you to begin surpassing the competition.

I broke the world record on the erg and I was recruited to Brown University – where I rowed undefeated in the men’s heavyweight eight for two years until I turned my attention to rowing the single scull in the Olympics, where I earned a gold and silver medal and broke the Olympic record.

I was able to achieve this through elite coaching and by making some tough adult decisions.

In the last 3 years I have coached 2 of the number 1 finishers at the World Indoor Rowing Championships – using the elite coaching which had been passed down to me by the world’s top coaches and which had also allowed me to break the world record on the erg.

Every year, I take on 20 high school students around the world. They supplement their rowing club’s workouts with my elite training and technical coaching, in order to surpass their competitors and earn a seat at their dream college.

They understand that if they train like the vast majority of high competitive highly school rowers – they will improve and get PRs on their 2ks, but they will not pass the field of other highly competitive rowers.  With my elite coaching – they can and they have.

Time is not your friend.  I urge you to explore elite coaching with me as soon as possible and at the very least you will understand your options.

That said, Spring Break 2015 is the perfect time for you to make a break through and begin improving at a faster rate.

You have the opportunity to change the course of your life if your goal is to row at a college of your choice.

When I was your age, I was fortunate to live near a club with one of the world’s greatest coaches.  Most people are not so lucky.  If your coach has not produced a #1 finisher at the World Indoor Rowing Championships – they are not one of the world’s greatest coaches.  They may be great people and passionate about rowing, but simply do not have the experience to help you achieve your dreams.
I can help you achieve a better erg score at a faster rate than you have ever experienced before.

Pushing a top 2k recruitable erg score requires specific technique and training.

Most US rowers are told by their coaches to push harder, because their coach does not have the experience with technique and training, which will allow you to be significantly faster with the same physical effort you currently are expending.

Elite Coaching can get you there as it got me there.  Here is the coaching family tree, which enabled me to be successful, has enabled my students to be successful and can enable you to be successful.