Summer Rowing Camp 2014

You are probably starting to make plans for the summer. This year I am offering a digital summer camp. 

The vXM Digital Summer Camp is designed to help you leverage summer in order to make aggressive improvements. No matter where you spend the summer. If you want to row with a club, on your own, or on the erg – summer is a time you can make dramatic improvements in technique and build mitochondrian to efficiently burn lactate acid.
The vXM camp provides 8 additional frame-by-frame technical analysis per month and weekly optional group discussions.
You can attend the vXM Digital Rowing Camp during June, July, August, or a custom 30-day span. Each month, or 30-day period of vXM is an additional $1,600.  We also offer a payment plan.
You can enroll in the vXM Digital Rowing Camp here: