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Undefeated men’s heavyweight eight at Brown University for two years…

Broke world record on ergometer…
Olympic gold and silver medalist…
This was possible because I was fortunate to become part of one of rowing’s top international coaching trees.  My family tree includes great coaches which include Harry Parker, Steve Gladstone, Harry Mahon and Marty Aitken…
It is their coaching philosophy that enabled me to earn an Olympic gold and silver medal; as it allowed the Australian pair to dominate by open water in their drive to Olympic gold; and is currently producing open water domination for New Zealand in the single; pair and double.
The secrets to rowing power and speed have been passed down to me through my coaching family tree, and now from me to my students – whom also become members of this elite family tree.
Please take the time to explore my digital coaching programs and the vXM Digital Summer Camp.  Then give me a call, or send me an email and we can have a conversation about how you can maximize your learning curve and produce optimal speed and power.
Be sure to ask me about my 10 second improvement in 30 days, guarantee for 2k erg scores.
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