The window of opportunity for high school rowers to improve their erg score is small

I just finished coaching our Erg Winter Camp here in Orange County, California. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Making Elite Coaching information available early in a rower’s career has immediate performance impact.
  • Teaching rowers how to strengthen physical weaknesses prevents chronic injuries.
  • Training intensity evaluation helps rowers avoid overtraining and maximize results of time invested.
  • Psychological tips and tricks help overcome physical and mental barriers at different stages of development.
  • Correct stretching shields rowers from back injuries.
  • Discussing training methods gives rowers a deeper understanding of club conditioning, its shortcomings, and how to maximize the outcome despite it.

It was thanks to Elite Coaching that I was recruited to Brown University. At Brown we stayed undefeated in the open weight varsity 8. At the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics, I won Olympic gold and silver in the men’s single scull. I have my Elite Rowing Coaches to thank for achieving my rowing dreams.

Rowing at Brown University and getting recruited by today’s most successful collegiate rowing coach, Steve Gladstone (current Yale University head coach), was a life changing experience.

Getting Elite Coaching is a competitive advantage. Most club coaches are well meaning, but lack the experience in developing their athletes to achieve recuitable 2K speeds. By signing up to one of my Elite Coaching packages rowers can improve their erg score by 10 seconds within 30 days.

It is crunch time. For high school rowers, without Elite Coaching, there is so little time available and quasi impossible to rapidly improve rowing performance. Unlike gymnastics, rowers’ window of opportunity to train and get recruited is much smaller. Time is very limited and can’t be wasted. Summer and winter breaks are great opportunities to seek Elite Coaching. During the school year, Elite Coaching is similar to getting a tutor for a particular subject. The 2K Erg score is the SAT of rowing.

You can text me directly to 949-400-7630 for more information.


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