Useful tools for digital coaching on the water

Digital Elite Coaching is the way of the future.  You can use your smart phone and text footage of your erging to me and receive your frame by frame analysis within minutes.  When rowing on the water you don’t need to have a coaching launch follow you to record yourself.  Follow this link: and you will find a great lightweight boom which on one end you attach to different parts of your boat and on the other end secure your digital camera.

When I receive footage, I can tell you about blade work timing, rigging, power application, body movement, boat glide, rowing rhythms for starts, steady state, race pace, how you need to hold the handle to avoid cramps, breathing rhythms and the list goes on. 

To get you started you might also enjoy the digital program called SCULLING FUNDAMENTALS.

If you have questions, feel free to text me to 949-400-7630