Winter Break Rowing Camp 2013 with Xeno Müller

1. Winter Break 2013 GET FASTER
  • Make the best use out of your time off from school and club rowing commitments.
  • Join your own personal training camp with Olympic gold and silver medalist Xeno Müller.
  • Together you will work on improving physically, mentally, and technically.
  • The perfect way to get a boat length on the competition in 2014.
  • Get your complimentary gift, receive a great rowing kit.

2. Let’s talk about it: 5 Private Meetings

Throughout your work with Xeno, you will meet five times live to discuss such subjects as:

  • Technical progress
  • Physiological advances
  • Mental programming and race strategies
3. Optimize technique: 4 Digital Analysis

You will get thorough feedback on how to optimize your power as a rower.

  • Xeno will positively invigorate your rowing ability.
  • Expect to receive a list of technical drills which are clearly explained on how these are felt and why they are done.
4. Workouts that make you stronger

Don’t expect a walk in the park you will enjoy the work and savor the progress

  • Learn about the workouts that made Xeno an Olympic gold medalist
  • Know the secret to psycho babble when the going gets tough and YOU get going!

Power into 2014 with totally upgraded technique and racing capabilities! Space is limited!  JOIN THE CAMP HERE