You Need to Change

The path you are on won’t enable you to reach your full potential. In order to realize your dreams you are going to need to be faster than everyone else. Training like everyone else won’t enable you to be faster than everyone else and realize those dreams.

Jayson Tatum is a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics. But when Laker’s All-Time great Kobe Bryant reviewed Tatum’s game, he found powerful technical improvements Tatum could make. In the first 24 hours since receiving the technical review Tatum said he had already watched it over 25 times. Tatum is equivalent to an Olympic level rower in his sport, yet he still sees the value of elite insights and is very eager to improve.

Link to Jayson praise of Kobe’s technical advice

In rowing there is the technique you want to have, the technique you think you have and the technique you actually have when rowing. The technique you aspire to have is not the best and fastest technique. So, what you think you are doing and what you are doing, is also not going to enable you to be the fastest you can be.

With Elite Coaching you will learn the technique, training and mental focus which will enable you to realize your full potential, be the fastest you can be and help you realize your dreams.

Xeno and his former Brown University coach, Yale University ‘s rowing Headcoach, Steve Gladstone.