Like all sports, rowing is made available across the country through volunteer and amateur coaches.  This continues to enable people to find a sport they are passionate about.

In rowing, these amateur coaches have not experienced rowing at the highest level. They have no concept of the technique which enables speed, or the mental and physical training required to build a young rower to the required physiology to successfully earn a seat on the A-BOAT at the top universities in the United States.

Unlike gymnastics, where young athletes start training at five years old – most young rowers did not find the sport of rowing until high school.  Given they must submit their recruiting erg scores September of their senior year – there is a VERY small window to achieve the results needed to realize your dreams.  

After submitting your recruiting erg score, the race is then on to build the base and improve enough to earn a seat on the A-BOAT.  Because your dreams are not to be the chaff which is constantly bounced from boat to boat, but never represents the university at regattas, or has a chance to win a collegiate rowing medal – much less a national title.

The additional LIVE Coaching sessions in the A-BOAT program provide the additional personalized insight and momentum needed to reach the top echelon for your recruiting class – which is far more competitive than just being faster than other rowers in your class within the United States.

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