Elite Coaching: Newly found peace and happiness in the life of a high school rower and family

How Elite Coaching can help high school rowers get recruited to a college rowing program and bring long lost harmony back into family life. As a high school rowers, do you find that you are not improving fast enough? As a parent of a high school rower, are you frustrated that your daughter or son does not get enough coaching? Does the coaching at the club impact you negatively? Elite Coaching is the solution. Thanks to Elite Coaching, I was recruited to Brown University. Rowing at Brown was a live changing experience, we stayed undefeated and I went on to winning Olympic gold and silver in the men’s single scull. My name is Xeno Muller, I am an Elite Rowing Coach. I am the most successful high school Elite Rowing Coach worldwide. As a teenager I was lucky to have an Elite Rowing Coach close to me. Without Elite Coaching I would have never gotten the successes I have achieved over my 14 year competitive career. With Elite Coaching my technique and conditioning was optimized and superior to my competition. I was never the biggest or the strongest, I was simply the best prepared. With today’s communication technologies, any rower in the world can take advantage of my Elite Coaching. Rowers and I do live E-Coaching on the water as well as on rowing machines. We discuss face to face training and competition psychology. Parents benefit from my Elite Coaching as well. Rowers and parents welcome a more harmonious communication through clear instruction that brings better results at a far faster pace than experienced before. For most, Elite Coaching is an add on to current club activities. Elite Coaching can be seamlessly weaved into daily routines. Elite Coaching augments a rower’s athletic intelligence. Rowers become aware of their body movements, understand how to manage their energy, learn to coach themselves, grow their motivation by enjoying rapidly improving results, and staying injury free. Getting recruited to college has gotten a lot tougher for US high school rowers, because recruiting has gone international. Most top rowing programs give away a significant amount of recruiting spaces to rowers from overseas. Results on the water and erg scores are the main two components to getting recruited as a rower besides the necessary academic grades. The erg score is the SAT of rowing. The vast majority of club coaches have never coached rowers to erg scores that made them top national rowing recruits. They simply don’t have the know how. I invite you to watch the history of my Elite Coaching Family Tree. You can be part of it too. Thanks to my Elite Coaching rowers can improve their erg score significantly within a month. I invite you to watch and read rower’s testimonials of rowers who improved their erg score by 10 seconds in thirty days. If you are passionate about your rowing, you owe it to yourself to find out what Elite Coaching can do for you. Get in touch with me and visit our coaching packages at www.eliterowingcoach.com