Latest testimonial 🙂

I started working with Xeno Muller during my novice year. At the time, I was already a Junior and had a lot of catching up to do to be a strong rower for my age. Working with Xeno, helped transform my stroke into one of the best technical strokes on my team. Xeno also gave me a lot of individual coaching to really understand the fundamentals of the sport. All my club team coaches are very busy and can go weeks without helping me refine my stroke. Xeno also gave me a comprehensive workout plan to gain strength and speed. When COVID 19 made the world stop for 6 months, Xeno was a great help to keep me motivated and to progress in the sport that I love. He gave me a workout routine and the technical tweaks that helped me to reach a sub-7 2k. Without him, I would still be behind my peers. Over the 6+ months he coached me, I would say I have gained years of knowledge and experience. Finally, as my goal is it row in college, Xeno helped me understand what schools I would be a potential fit for me and also helped me understand how I should communicate with coaches. I would recommend Xeno to any rower trying to get to the next level.