Retina Burning and Weaponizing.

Retina Burning and Weaponizing are two of my favorite analogies when I watch and coach rowing.

When I watch a rower, it only takes a split second for me to see how their stroke can be made more efficient. During that instant, my “retina gets burned” so to speak. Of course, I would never say that to the rower, because the goal is not to hurt their feelings, I just think it. While I think it, I get really excited, because I know what can be adjusted technically to unleash some serious power increase without the rower having to work any harder.

I love to say: “We are going to weaponize you.” Competitive rowing is not just a personal battle but of course a battle with other competitors. Through my Elite Coaching, increasing a rower’s performance capabilities often takes other competitors by surprise. They don’t know what hit them, when one of my rowers turns up at a competition. My rowers get weaponized.



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