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ELITE COACHES changed the course of my life when I was a junior rower. You can learn more about them in my Elite Coaching Family Tree video HERE. At the time, I did not quite realize how valuable their coaching was. I thought winning was simply happening because of the effort I was putting into my training. Little did I know that the world of rowing was full of athletes who had the same dreams as I did. What set my career apart from all the others is the ELITE information I was getting on how to train, how to move my body and how to think about being a top performing athlete. STROKE is a great way to get introduced to Elite Coaching:

1. Frame by frame review of 200 meters steady state rowing on ERG or water.

2. Second frame by frame review, row another 200 m steady state.

Must be completed within 30 days of purchase.

Course is FREE if you signup for an ongoing coaching program or camp within 90 days.


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