Elite Rowing Coach for individuals and group workouts for many others.

Rowing is part of my lifestyle, can it be yours?

I love coaching individuals and help them reach their rowing dreams.  For many high school rowers, elite coaching is the solution to drastically improve their erg score.  A faster erg score, the “SAT of Rowing,” helps them get recruited to the college rowing program of their dreams.

But what about the parents of these rowers?

I have the perfect solution.  Parents of rowers can join me for real time group rowing workouts once per week and explore the massive workout library at xeno.Thinkific.com. It does not matter what rowing machine is being used. I use my own Xeno Muller Signature Waterrower.

These workouts are for any fitness level.  I always say “make the intensity your own.”  The key is to get into a routine of enjoying working out.

Anyone can join the free 7 day trial and test me out as their Elite Rowing Coach workout leader.

Let’s row until we are 300 years young!


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