Are you looking for a full-body workout which is low impact and gentle on your joints and online?

It is Online Rowing!  

A full-body workout, low impact, and gentle on the joints.

Rowing is awesome for fitness, strength, and a happier, healthier lifestyle.

My name is Xeno Muller, Elite Rowing Coach, Olympic gold and silver medalist, 3-time Olympian.  Besides coaching individuals achieve top 2K ERG scores and help them getting recruited to their dream school, I love leading rowing workouts! ??

“If you have a rowing machine, I have a workout for you!”

  • Every week, across the world, fitness enthusiasts join my online rowing class. They are rewarded with a smile from ear to ear and a sweaty shirt at the culmination of each workout! 
  • Can’t do the live workouts? No worries! Each workout is uploaded and ready on demand.
  • Look forward to being entertained. Time will fly by when you row with us.  Your motivation will develop and like me, you will want to row until you are 300 years young!

Follow my link to learn why my workouts are positively different from everyone else’s, or go directly to and your future Signature Waterrower