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The Benefits of a Rowing Machine

I have been training on a rowing machine since I took my first stroke on the water, seven years prior to competing at my first of three Olympics. 👍 I made a short list of benefits a rowing machine brings to one’s lifestyle. At the end of the list you can follow this link and read more in depth about it all.  I love to talk shop.

  • Ease of use
  • Usage versatility 
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Full body workout
  • Light on the joints
  • Some are beautifully quiet 
  • Easy to store
  • Good for rehab and staying fit
  • Calming to the nerves, meditative
  • Improves breathing muscles
  • Workouts to follow, my Signature Machine comes with 3 months of workout access.
  • A rowing machine helps high school students get recruited to college rowing programs. 

Follow this link for a deeper dive into the above mentioned points and a short video.

Xeno Signature Waterrower

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