Unacceptable Erg Scores – Elite Coaching is the solution

Have you been rowing for over 2 years and are not getting faster?

  • Rowing is one of the toughest sports that tests an athlete’s mental and physical limits to a degree rarely seen in athletics.
  • The lack of new personal records is caused by subpar coaching by individuals who mean well but simply don’t have the know how.
  • 99% of the time, passionate rowers are blamed for not improving their erg score because their level of mental toughness and lack of hard(er) work.
  • The problem is not with the passionate rower but with the quality of coaching the athlete receives from the rowing club.
  • Elite Coaching helped me get recruited to Brown University, stay undefeated in college, and win an Olympic gold medal in the single scull.

Luckily, there is time to rapidly improve erg performance. Simply text me your rowing story and let’s discuss: nine four nine four hundred seventy six thirty.

Sincerely, Xeno

Too often athlete are blamed for such performance stagnation.  Watch my video why this is an unacceptable situation to be in: