From Competitive Rowing to Enjoying Rowing: My Journey as a Three-Time Olympian

From Competitive Rowing to Enjoying Rowing: My Journey as a Three-Time Olympian

As a three-time Olympian and a medalist in men’s single scull rowing, I’ve spent countless hours on metal rowing machines. The competitive standard, the Concept2, was my daily companion through rigorous training. But after retiring from full time rowing and starting my own indoor rowing studio, I began to yearn for an experience that could emulate the serenity and enjoyment of rowing on water.

Enter WaterRower.

Unlike the noise and metallic hardness of other machines, the WaterRower — a machine that uses water as resistance — is crafted from beautiful, sustainable wood. It brings the natural beauty of rowing to indoor exercise. The gentle swishing of the water as you accelerate each stroke is a sensory delight, recreating the experience of rowing on calm waters. The machine is much quieter, allowing me to lead my workouts without needing a PA system.

The transition from the industrial noise of metal machines to the serene whisper of water made such an impact on me that I reached out to the WaterRower company. The idea was simple: Could we create a Xeno Müller Signature WaterRower that offered the flexibility of adjustments in feet height and a wider handle? They agreed, and a wonderful partnership, lasting over 15 years, was born.

Those who purchase my signature WaterRower gain access to an ever-growing workout library. Every Saturday morning at 9 AM, I conduct a live workout session, free for a month to those who buy the signature WaterRower. I also offer a personal technical review of your rowing technique as a complimentary feature.

This has allowed me to cultivate a community of people committed to a healthy lifestyle and mutual support. Every workout begins with a pledge, “We’re going to row until we are 300 years young.” This promise embodies the spirit of my journey — from competitive rowing to enjoying rowing.

I revel in the natural feel of the WaterRower. The quietness, the smoothness, and the connection with nature it provides. It’s like you’re quietly gliding along in your shell on water. That’s the magic of the WaterRower — written in one word, it symbolizes my love for the sport and my commitment to promoting a healthy and enjoyable way of life through rowing.

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