Cross Training at age 50 with Diamond Dallas Page DDPY!

“Today, I want to share my journey with DDPY and Diamond Dallas Page.

His fitness routine redefined my potential, introducing me to an unexpected joy of flexibility and the incredible feeling of dynamic strength. I first began DDPY amidst the pandemic, and 3 years on, I find myself returning to its principles and workouts, even without attending regular classes.

Not a single day goes by without Diamond Dallas Page’s voice echoing in my mind, guiding me through my personal exercise routine. I’ve been truly amazed by how my body has responded to the unique stretches and moves I learned and the motivational sentences that go with them. They’ve become an integral part of my daily life and I’m certain they’ll stick with me forever.

Being a part of the DDPY community, witnessing the transformation of others on Facebook, has been incredibly uplifting. It brings me joy knowing what this program can do because I’ve experienced its transformative power. It rejuvenated me at the age of 48, and now at 51, I feel physically stronger, happier, and more confident than ever.

Diamond Dallas Page’s unique teaching style has formed a deep connection with me, making him feel like the supportive brother I never knew I needed. His ability to captivate and motivate is, no doubt, a testament to his successful career as a professional wrestler.

For those considering this program, remember that the time and effort you put into DDPY will continue to yield benefits long after you’ve stopped attending classes. The positive energy and empowering vibe that Diamond Dallas Page provides is invaluable.

Before discovering DDPY, I had won Olympic gold and silver medals in rowing and competed at a total of three different Olympics. Yet, at 48, I needed DDPY, and it has been an amazing addition to my life. My hope is to one day join a workout at the Diamond Dallas Page Performance Center in Smyrna, Georgia. So here’s my heartfelt thank you to Diamond Dallas Page and his program that continues to positively influence my life.”


Xeno Muller and Diamond Dallas Page

Xeno Muller and Diamond Dallas Page