Kickstart Your High School Rowing Season: Why ERG Scores in September Matters

Hello High School Rowers and Parents,

The excitement of starting a new rowing season after the summer break is palpable. One thing becomes clear when you return to the boathouse: your performance on the ergometer sets you apart from your peers.

Assessing Your Erg Scores

Rowing clubs often conduct erg tests to evaluate the rowers who may have slacked off over the summer. These tests help coaches decide who will claim a seat in the coveted first boat, and who gets to race in prestigious events like the Head of the Charles and other exciting head races in the fall.

The Importance of Right Information

It’s crucial for high school rowers to have the right information from the get-go. This includes understanding proper technique and improving aerobic capacity to enhance their 6,000m erg pieces. While fall rowing is essential, it’s also important to understand that your erg score plays a significant role when it comes to college recruitment.

The Competitive Edge

As the most successful elite high school rowing coach since 2003, I specialize in this niche. I have a track record of helping high school rowers get recruited to top-tier rowing programs in the United States. I myself was recruited to Brown University and had the privilege of rowing under the legendary Steve Gladstone, the most successful collegiate rowing coach in history.

Erg Scores: Your Ticket to Success

Your erg score is often the second question you’re asked, right after your name and age. A faster erg score simplifies life for high school rowers. That’s why investing in elite coaching is your competitive advantage.

Why September Matters

September is a crucial month to get the right information on how to maximize training before and during club practice. Don’t waste any time in gearing up to improve your performance on the Concept2 rowing machine.


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