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What to expect at the ENTRY LEVEL:

1. Weekly Technical Reviews: Every week, I will provide a detailed frame-by-frame analysis of your rowing, which will be uploaded to a private YouTube URL for your exclusive access.

2. Open Communication: This package ensures ongoing communication where you can forward additional recordings and have all your queries addressed promptly.

3. Technique Videos: You will receive videos showcasing the very techniques that powered my Olympic victories. These lessons encapsulate years of rigorous training and refinement.

4. Personalized Training Schedule: We will collaboratively design a training regimen specific to your needs and adapt it monthly based on your progress.

5. Tailored Drills: I will prescribe specific exercises and stretches designed to enhance your rowing stroke power and elasticity.

6. Self-coaching Tools: By the end of our time together, you will have acquired the insights and tools to independently evaluate and refine your technique.

Rowing is an intricate sport where the minutiae of technique can significantly impact performance.

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