🚣‍♀️The Importance of the Erg Score in Junior Rowing Club Selection

🚣‍♀️The Importance of the Erg Score in Junior Rowing Club Selection

In the competitive world of rowing, especially in locations with high demand and limited facilities, securing a spot in a junior rowing program is increasingly challenging. I recently learned of such a scenario from parents in Marin County, California, where the prestigious Marin Boathouse has limited slots for budding rowers due to overwhelming demand.

One might think that on-water performance is the key to such selections. However, it’s the Concept2 Rowing Machine’s erg score that often holds significant weight in these decisions. The erg score is not only instrumental for athletes aiming for collegiate rowing recruitment but also for those striving to join elite high school rowing programs like the one at the Marin Boathouse.

While owning a Concept2 Rowing Machine is beneficial, it’s crucial for athletes to develop the correct rowing technique. Incorrect techniques can be energy-draining and counterproductive, hindering the rower’s performance and chances of selection.

As an Olympic gold and silver medalist in men’s singles scull, I understand the intricacies of rowing technique and the importance of a good erg score. Through my elite coaching packages, I offer guidance to help young rowers optimize their performance on the Concept2 machine, ensuring they improve their chances of selection into competitive junior rowing programs.

For parents eager to give their children a competitive edge in rowing, I encourage you to explore the elite coaching options available. Proper training on the Concept2 Rowing Machine can open doors to premier rowing programs and set the foundation for a successful rowing career.

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