To Summer Camp or not to Summer Camp. This is the Question.

To Summer Camp or not to Summer Camp. This is the Question.

Dear Parents of High School Rowers,

As you strategize the best path forward this summer for your young rowing enthusiasts, there’s a crucial decision at play: Summer camp or specialized elite coaching? This choice could pivotally influence not just their immediate performance, but their entire rowing career.

Understanding the Critical Factor: The ERG Score

In the world of competitive rowing, the ERG (ergometer) score isn’t just a number—it’s a gateway. College coaches and elite programs don’t just ask for a rower’s name; they want to know their ERG score. This metric is a primary indicator of potential, skill, and dedication. It’s what sets a candidate apart in the fiercely competitive landscape of college recruitment and top-tier club selection.

While summer camps offer invaluable experience on the water, they may not provide the focused, intense training needed to significantly improve the ERG score. For rowers already comfortable in the boat, enhancing this score becomes paramount.

Why Elite Coaching Trumps Traditional Summer Camps

This is where the transformative power of elite coaching comes into play. As an Olympic gold and silver medalist and  an undefeated career at Brown University with Coach Steve Gladstone, I’ve experienced firsthand the impact elite coaching has on performance. My approach is not just about rowing; it’s about cultivating the best in each athlete, honing skills, and shattering ERG score barriers.

Invest in Your Child’s Future in Rowing

Redirecting your investment from a general summer camp to specialized, elite coaching could be the most strategic decision you make for your child’s rowing career. With my online elite coaching program, your child will receive personalized real time training, tailored to skyrocket their ERG score and enhance their overall rowing prowess.

This summer, give your child more than just time on the water. Give them the competitive edge that sets them apart. It’s not just about making the boat move; it’s about making waves in their rowing journey.

Seize This Opportunity

The path to rowing excellence is clear. It’s time to think beyond traditional paths and embrace the potential that elite coaching offers. Let’s work together to elevate your child’s rowing career to unprecedented heights.

Join me in this journey to excellence. Your child’s rowing future starts here