Unlocking Your Child’s Rowing Potential: A Roadmap to College Recruitment Success!

The erg score is everything.

The erg score is everything.

Unlocking Your Child’s Rowing Potential: A Roadmap to College Recruitment Success!

🚣‍♂️ STEP 1: Introducing the TZAT – Training Zone Assessment Test: The foundation of efficient training lies in understanding training zones. The TZAT helps rowers, who do their own additional mileage, tailor their training intensity to maximize results, setting them apart in the club.


🎥 STEP 2: The Stroke Assessment – Start with an initial video assessment of your rowing stroke on the machine. Receive targeted feedback on 2 major technical improvements needed. Follow up with a second video after 2-3 weeks to track progress.


📅 STEP 3: One-Month Coaching Packages – Engage in a month-long coaching package to dive deeper into technique and training. Benefit from real-time coaching sessions and footage analysis. Understand what club coaches expect, bridging the gap between rower and club coach.


🎓 STEP 4: The College Recruitment Journey and the ERG SCORE – SAT OF ROWING: Getting recruited to college is life-changing, and rowing coaches prioritize ERG performance metrics. The faster a high school rower improves their ERG score, the better their chances. Elite coaching accelerates progress, ensuring rowers reach their full potential within the very narrow recruitment window.


🏆 The Competitive Advantage of Elite Coaching: Just like in business, elite coaching eliminates timely detours, guiding high school rowers efficiently toward their goals. With top-notch coaching, high school rowers can aim to rowing in the A-Boat of their club boat and secure college recruitment.


Elite Rowing Coach, Xeno Muller.  Recruited to Brown University and undefeated – Indoor Rowing World Champion – Olympics Gold and Silver Medalist in the single scull – Most successful Elite High School Rowing Coach since 2003.