Summer Rowing Camp and Erg Elite Coaching, a Perfect Combination!

“Hello, parents of high school rowers! As you plan your child’s summer rowing camps, consider the perfect duo: rowing camp and elite coaching on the erg. These two elements can work hand in hand, creating a harmonious and highly productive experience for your son or daughter. While rowing camp offers valuable on-water experience, adding elite coaching on the erg ensures they master the technical aspects crucial for success. With this combination, your child can seamlessly transition between land and water training, maximizing their potential. Why? Well, for better or worse, the erg score often plays a significant role in your child’s future, from making the first boat to getting recruited. Seat racing may come into play, and it’s only fair to pick athletes who can truly move a boat efficiently. The good news? What your child learns on the erg translates seamlessly to the water. So, adding elite coaching to their summer lineup won’t interfere with rowing camp—it’ll enhance it. With this added support, your son or daughter will be poised to excel faster than ever before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give them a competitive edge!”