May: A Pivotal Month for High School Rowers

May: A Pivotal Month for High School Rowers

As the rowing season approaches its midpoint, the month of May marks a critical juncture for high school rowers. With only a select few advancing to the Junior National Championships in June—and even fewer standing on the podium—it’s imperative for rowers and their parents to make strategic decisions about the near future. May isn’t just about finishing the season; it’s about setting the stage for fall and beyond, especially for those aiming for collegiate recruitment.

The Urgency of Now: Why May Matters

For high school rowers not progressing to nationals, May should be a wake-up call. This is the time to look beyond temporary solutions like generic rowing camps, which often fail to address the core of competitive rowing—the ergometer score, a.k.a. ERG Score. This score isn’t just a number; it’s the most critical metric for college rowing coaches. It is what they rely on to gauge potential, making it your rower’s top priority.

Train with Xeno Muller: Real Solutions in Real-Time

As the most successful elite rowing coach since 2003, I bring an unmatched level of expertise and dedication to high school rowers. My athletes don’t just train; they excel, securing placements in Ivy League schools and top-tier rowing programs. Training with me isn’t about generic workouts; it’s a personalized, strategic advancement tailored to each rower’s needs.
Available 24/7 during our training period, I provide real-time, online coaching accessible from anywhere in the world. This direct and continuous support ensures that parents are always informed about their child’s progress and that each rower receives the attention they need to significantly improve.

The Strategic Advantage of Elite Coaching

Choosing to train with someone who has not only competed but triumphed on the world stage is choosing success. My journey—from being recruited to Brown University, to winning Olympic medals, to remaining undefeated in collegiate competitions—is a testament to the power of elite coaching. If you’re looking for a summer program that makes a real difference, focusing on erg scores and technical prowess, then training with me is the strategic choice.