Reality #1: Rowing Clubs Aren’t Prioritizing College Recruitment

Reality #1: Rowing Clubs Aren’t Prioritizing College Recruitment

Rowing clubs primarily focus on winning races on the water. This often means personal performance on the ergometer, or the 2K erg score, takes a back seat. However, college coaches rely heavily on this score to recruit athletes. If your child’s erg score isn’t up to par, their chances of being noticed by top collegiate programs diminish significantly.

Reality #2: Injury Prevention is Crucial

High school rowers have a limited time to improve their rowing speed, and injuries can derail their progress. Most rowing injuries don’t occur on the rowing machine or due to poor technique (although they do happen with very poor coaching); they often happen because of off-the-water activities like excessive running or sudden heavy lifting, often introduced by well-meaning club coaches. These injuries can have both short-term and long-term effects, so it’s vital to maintain proper training regimens.

Reality #3: Erg Scores Matter More Than Water Wins

While your child might be excelling on the water and winning races, a lagging erg score can be a significant barrier. College coaches prioritize erg scores and national-level performances over regular race wins. If these aren’t up to standard, even the best on-water results may not capture their attention. This realization often hits in the junior year of high school when the importance of the erg score for college recruitment becomes clear. Understanding their own performance metrics helps athletes avoid injuries and improve their chances of rowing in college.


I am Xeno Müller, an elite rowing coach who was trained by the best in the world, recognized by the International Rowing Federation. With my guidance, high school rowers learn to self-coach, understand crucial conditioning phases, and enhance their psychological and physical performance. They also learn to make better dietary choices and pace themselves effectively throughout the year.

Elite coaching complements club rowing. If your son or daughter can dedicate just half an hour per week to real-time coaching sessions with me, they will progress much faster than their peers. Elite coaching provides a competitive advantage and maximizes the small window of opportunity to excel in rowing.

Remember, club coaches are well-intentioned, but their expertise is limited to their own experiences. My coaches were elite, award-winning rowing mentors, and I bring that same level of excellence to high school rowers today.

Elite coaching is your direct pathway to unlocking your child’s full potential in rowing. Don’t let this crucial opportunity pass by—act now to secure their future in collegiate rowing.

Xeno Müller
Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist
Indoor Rowing World Record Setter – Elite High School Rowing Coach – Olympic Record Setter